Linzi Upton, The Quilt Quine

Linzi Upton - The Quilt Quine, married with 3 children, lives with pets and hens in rural North East Scotland. She is a qualified but seldom practising primary school teacher and award winning longarm quilter.

Linzi has exhibited in the UK, The Netherlands, Hungary, and the USA. Articles and projects have been published in British, German and American magazines.

She is best known as the creator of Quilted Yurts. She followed this major project with a series of metallic Norse quilts, a Quilted Coracle and Smart Car cover. Other installations include the Quilted Henge comprising 12 Celtic seasonal columns featuring freestyle piecing, spandex, leather and gemstones. She explored images projected onto quilts and  used clothes rope instead of wadding with her Domestic project.

Linzi loves to travel and experiment with textiles. She has taught patchwork and quilting workshops throughout the UK, Germany, France, USA and on board a cruise ship to Norway. She has a great rapport with her students of all ages and abilities and she writes a humorous weekly blog about all of her quilting adventures at
Daily vlog updates can be seen at

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